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      Boom Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.Zhejiang (former Yueqing Boom Electronics CO.,LTD), is a manufacturer engaged in development and manufacturing of various electronic connectors. The products are widely used in household appliances, computers, communication networks, optical, toys and other fields. It has powerful technical force, with over 500 employees (more than 100 medium and senior management and technical personnel), 6000m2 factory buildings, complete precision mold processing equipment and product automation production lines. It's capable of developing more than 300 sets of molds, with the annual output of 3 billion connectors and over 6 billion terminals.  
       Our company aims at "Professional Connector Manufacture" with the principle of "Survive on quality and develop through technology"  Under the guidance of theory of sustainability, we strive to reduce high-carbon energy consumption and greenhouse gases discharge by means of technical innovation, system innovation and industry transformation and so on. Our company, with the important mission of developing low-carbon economy and environment protection, has applied a large amount of energy-saving equipment. In addition, our company will continue to adjust the enterprise structure, improve energy utilization efficiency, development emerging industries and build ecological and civilized factories, to realize sustainable development and management. 


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